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To help comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) consent requirements, either when booking on our website (www.shiadohostel.com) or on any online travel agencies (OTAs), or even during the check-in formalities, you agree to share personal identification data with the following Portuguese Official institutions: SEF (Immigration and Borders Service), or GNR (National Republican Guard), or PSP (Public Security Police).

The information required applies to citizens from any country of the world, including nationals from Member States of the European Union. The obligation to collect such data falls on any companies exploiting hotel establishments, complementary means of tourist accommodation and tourist complexes, as well as on those which provide, for consideration, any type of accommodation to foreign citizens.

Shiado Hostel only keeps guest's personal data for official purposes, and does not share them with any third parties. Once the officials deadlines are achieved, all the information collected by us is deleted.

Nuestras habitaciones:

2 de casal, baños compartidos
2 dobles (dos camas individuales), baños compartidos
2 habitaciones compartidas de 4 personas, baños compartidos
2 habitaciones compartidas de 6 personas, baños compartidos
1 habitación compartida de 8 personas, baños compartidos

Shiado Hostel - rua anchieta, 5 - 3rd floor - 1200-023 Lisboa - +351 213429227 - shiado.hostel@gmail.com

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