What Do You Need To Know About Pokdeng Card Games?

Pokdeng is one of the most popular card games in Thailand. The main goal of the gamblers is to have a hand with one digit so they can beat the dealer. While accounting for the pairs, three kinds, and flushes. It has the best playing patterns and can accommodate 2 to 17 gamblers, including the dealer. This card game is one of the easiest and most fun games to learn.

Basic methods to play

  • The gamblers place their bets.
  • The dealer deals and shuffles two cards to each gambler, which ends with the dealer.
  • Each gambler may draw one card or stay.
  • Then the dealer compares her or his against the selected gambler
  • The dealer may draw a card
  • Also, the dealer compares their hand against the rest of the gamblers.


This card game supports 2 to 17 gamblers, which includes the dealer, but it is also recommended for three to nine gamblers. To start, gamblers designate a dealer. Then one people remain the dealer for many rounds, or the gambler can also agree to switch off being a dealer. After that, every game is shorter, lasting some seconds or minutes.

Every gambler, except a dealer, places a bet by using casino chips or other objects like candy bets on the table in front of other gamblers. In addition, every gambler plays versus the dealer only and is not competing with other gamblers. The dealer shuffles the card deck of playing cards, which determines to go anticlockwise or clockwise, and deals two cards face down on a specific game. The remaining card becomes the draw pile.


Play games go in the same order that the cards were dealt. During a gambler’s turn, they have a chance of drawing a card or not. The gamblers only have an opportunity to draw one card from the top of the draw pile, which means each gambler ends up with two or three cards per card game.

In addition, the dealer takes her or his turn last. If the dealer has pok those cards, they turn face-up, and all gambler’s hands are compared with the dealer. If the dealer doesn’t have a pok before deciding to draw a card, then the dealer reveals a select gambler’s hand, compares it with them, and makes the payouts.

Card games

The เว็บ ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ offer a chance to play to determine the scoring the three aspects such as:

  • The hand type
  • Deng is the special aspect that multiplies the bet
  • Team, which is the numerical value

The team determines the numerical score by the cards’ values in the player’s hand. In terms of every card’s numerical value, every ace has a value of one. The corresponding value of two through mine is 10; king, queen, and jack every has a value of zero to ten. Also, the numerical value of the overall hand is simply the one digit of the sum of the cars; that’s why it doesn’t matter whether the 10, king, queen or jack count as a zero to ten. For example, if your hand consists of a 7 has a value of five teams because the sum has one’s digit of five. Also, the hand with a five and a jack has a value of five teams, either five or fifteen, which one’s digit of five.

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